WASHPlus Consumer Cookstove Toolkit

This consumer research toolkit is designed to help cookstove-related businesses and organizations to collect information from and about potential consumers for more effective design, selection, promotion, and sale of improved cookstoves (ICS). Stakeholders can use that information to design approaches that best support complete adoption and correct and consistent use of the technologies most acceptable to the target group. 

The tools help toolkit users identify: 1) stove designs, features, or models that appeal to consumers; 2) needed modifications to stove technologies based on consumer input and stove performance; 3) necessary consumer education on use and maintenance of stoves; and 4) marketing and financing approaches that stimulate stove dissemination and adoption.

Convincing consumers to buy, adopt, and exclusively use new, improved stoves is a complex proposition, affected not only by the choice of stove but also by fuel collection and preparation, cooking behaviors, and inter-family dynamics. Consumer research can help develop marketing and program strategies including selecting appropriate products most likely to be acceptable, affordable, and properly used by key target groups—groups that can also be prioritized through the research process.


WASHplus Consumer Research Toolkit

The toolkit provides guidance on how to undertake consumer preference research on improved cooking technologies through Trials of Improved Practice (TIPs), including guidance in using associated data collection, entry, and analysis tools based on CSPro software available for free online. This toolkit also provides guidance on useful add-ons to consumer preference studies:

  1. Willingness to Pay assessments, to determine how consumers value  and are willing to pay for these technologies, including through installment plans
  2. Market demonstrations, to gather feedback from non-study participants
  3. Controlled Cooking Testing, to assess stove performance in the local context; gauge the ability of the proposed technologies to meet local cooking needs; and identify necessary use and maintenance instructions for cooks
  4. Kitchen Performance Testing, to assess the impact of the introduction of the improved stove on household fuel consumption
  5. Stove Usage Monitoring, to determine how frequently the stove is used, for what purposes, and to what extent its usage displaces traditional stove use
  6. Household air pollution monitoring, to assess the impact of the introduction of the improved stove on household air quality

(Surveys and Scripts)


Using CSPro to Manage Survey Data

This toolkit uses a free software package called CSPro for questionnaire management, data entry, and analysis. Files are then exported to Microsoft Excel to create graphic files. Below is the link to a Zip file with a number of CSPro files related to the various data instruments and instructions and tutorials for downloading and using CSPro.


Download CSPro here

CSPro for Mac users (PDF 316KB)

Unzip these files to download all the CSPro WASHplus data files

For PC  |  For Android


Click on the various icons and videos below to learn more about downloading and using CSPro.

General guidance on using CSPro (not customized for the WASHplus toolkit)

Guidance on data analysis and generating output tables and graphs

Guidance on downloading CSPro and installing WASHplus CSEntry templates

Guidance on exporting data to other statistical software (this is an optional step for those who have access to another software analysis program that they'd prefer to use instead of CSPro)

Guidance on editing and modifying CSEntry templates in line with any changes made to the questionnaires

Guidance on translating CSEntry templates into a local language

Guidance on entering data from paper-based questionnaires

Guidance on installing CSEntry templates on an android mobile phone for mobile data collection

Guidance on compiling data from multiple questionnaires



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